An exciting audio ​experience for those ​interested in the darker ​side of the past!

Are you ready to take a wild ride through history as we uncover the dark ​secrets of the past? Join us as we travel through time, uncovering the ​history hiding in the shadows.

You‘ll hear tales of murderous historical figures, unbelievable events, ​mysterious deaths, scandals that rocked nations, ghostly sightings at ​famous landmarks, and stories of hauntings that have spanned centuries. ​Each episode of Haunted History takes you on a journey through the ages ​with a captivating storytelling experience that will leave you wanting more.

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About Us

Megan Alda

Host / Researcher

Megan is a classically trained actress and voice ​over artist based in Vancouver, Canada.

Originally from Eastern Canada, Megan moved to ​British Columbia in 2007 to attend drama school. ​Her passion for acting developed in her youth, ​when she would travel with a local group ​performing plays. By 2009 she had graduated ​with a diploma in film and television acting. ​Shortly after seeing the 2015 film Macbeth that ​premiered at Cannes Film Festival, Megan ​became inspired to study The Bard and enrolled in ​courses that were offered by The Shakespeare ​Birthplace Trust, earning her a certificate in ​Shakespeare studies. She credits Shakespeare ​as what sparked her love of history. She would ​continue to study acting, taking various ​workshops and classes at the Stella Adler Studio ​of Acting.

Enjoying all things macabre, she began Haunted ​History in 2023 as a way to share the darker side ​of history with others while exercising her craft as ​a performer. Megan lives in Vancouver with her ​daughter and rescue pup. A few of her favorite ​things are Italian food, video games, going to the ​theatre and horseback riding.

Chloë Kibbe

Writer / Researcher

Chloë is a writer who has yet to put her roots ​down.

Originally from Montreal, Chloë translated her love ​of stories and storytelling into a bachelor’s degree ​in English Literature. In 2017, seeking adventure, ​she made her way westward without a plan. Many ​magical years of travel, hard work, and exploration ​ensued. Her time was ripe with meeting new ​people and discovering new places. All of these ​moments created a deeper well of experience, ​and a collection of personal stories to draw from ​for which she is eternally grateful. In 2021, Chloë ​moved to the storybook town of Nelson, where ​she started her own little creative direction ​agency, Late Thursday Creative.

Chloë loves learning and is passionate about ​myths & legends, folklore, and the unexplained… ​but also some raunchy true crime. The next ​natural endeavour was, of course, starting her ​very own podcast, Hellscape, which launched in ​2023. That same year, Chloë also started ​freelancing as a researcher and writer. At the ​moment, Chloë lives on Vancouver Island with her ​two dogs. A few of her favorite things are cooking, ​gardening, reading, and being in nature.

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